Rockwell Automation + ACCENTURE

2750 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s the temperature at which iron becomes a fiery molten liquid.Lower that to 2246 degrees And you achieve the optimal forging temperature. A crucial difference. Now, the metal is neither hard nor liquid, but soft, and can be shaped to anything you want. While becoming even stronger than before. This is the future Rockwell Automation and ACN are out to forge. We’re going to reinvent mining. It’s going to take seismic strength, intense planning and liquid-like agility. We plan to turn what was once seen as raw iron into powerful IT. Digging deep. Breaking through the bedrock. Reshaping the future of mining: from pit to port. With the realization that autonomous vehicles are just the beginning. Our partnership creates an end-to-end solution that enhances each other’s strengths and takes us deeper. Creating an entire ecosystem around autonomy. So we can deliver real world outcomes: including quality, velocity. scale. security and more. We’ve envisioned the future of mining and together, we have the raw power to deliver it. This is where massive machines are forged with a global network of nimble intelligence. Together, Rockwell Automation and ACN can forge the future.